From Housekeeping to Management: A Comprehensive Hiring Guide from an Orlando Hotel Staffing Agency

Skilled hotel staff are perhaps the most important component of a smoothly-running hotel. Our Orlando hotel staffing agency is giving an inside look at everything involved in the standard hiring process.

Not only are your hotel staff the face of your establishment, but they will also be working most closely with your guests. In order to have a smoothly-running business, you need employees who are reliable workers, skilled in their area of expertise, and able to prioritize overall guest satisfaction. 

KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC (KBI) specializes in hospitality and has been offering a variety of staffing services to the Florida area for years. From hotel operations positions to crucial hotel management roles, we help you build the team you need to thrive. Our guarantee? We will stay in close communication with you throughout the entire process to ensure your temporary or permanent needs are met, and your expectations exceeded. 

Read on as our Orlando hotel staffing agency breaks down the hiring process and shares how we find the best possible recruits for your hotel.

The Benefits of a Hotel Staffing Agency

There are an incredible number of benefits to bringing a staffing agency into your hiring process. Beyond the obvious time-saving perks, an Orlando hotel staffing agency has the expertise you need to find the high caliber of recruits your establishment could most benefit from. 

A hotel staffing agency like KBI can:

  • Provide career-advancement opportunities for recruits, as well as training and development programs that grow skills and broaden opportunities. Hotels working with a staffing agency are given access to this pool of highly-trained applicants, making for a more competent employee base.
  • Easily handle busy seasons and fulfill unexpected staffing demands on a short notice.
  • Create a better customer service experience for guests, with the most qualified workers in important roles.
  • Lessen your workload with employees who are trained and prepared for a new position.
  • Control the costs required for advertising, screening, hiring, and onboarding. 
  • And more.

Hospitality Specializations

Our hiring expertise extends to a variety of hospitality industries and departments:

  • Hotel management
  • Event planning
  • Food operation
  • Front of house

The Hiring Process

Bringing on new employees might feel daunting, but with an Orlando hotel staffing agency on your side, the experience is a breeze. Our agency typically follows a sequential hiring process:

  • Identify your overarching goals, the positions that need to be filled, and the qualifications you most prioritize.
  • Develop a job description that is in line with your goals and includes important expectations, responsibilities, and desired characteristics.
  • Advertise the position using online job posting websites and social media, as well as draw from our pool of qualified recruits.
  • Screen all applications for details matching the job description.
  • Conduct all phases of interviews, contact references, and run a background check on all qualified interviewees.


Once an applicant has successfully passed all stages of the interview process, we discuss the salary, benefits, and start date. From there, our Orlando hotel staffing agency will send an official offer letter. We stay in touch with all of our recruits to ensure a smooth onboarding, and a successful employment experience. 

Enlist the Help of KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC

Do you need help discovering the best talent for your hotel? From locating food operators to recommending hotel managers and event planners, KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC is on your side. We will help fill in the gaps with temporary or permanent workers who are the perfect fit for your needs.

We have the tools to connect companies with the best and most qualified recruits. Beyond hospitality, we also operate in the industries of construction and admin management. Call us today to learn more.