Orlando hotel recruitment

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Orlando Hotel Recruitment Success

Seeking top-notch staff for your hotel? Follow these Orlando hotel recruitment tips to find the perfect candidate.

You may notice significant challenges if you're responsible for staffing your hotel. Hotel employment is projected to reach 2.09 million in 2023, which is still lower than the pre-pandemic level of 2.35 million in 2019, according to a recent report by the American Hotel Lodging Association. Tight labor markets create unique opportunities for hospitality employers to differentiate their employer brand and think about their staffing strategy in new ways. 

We are here to help you fill those job openings with quality candidates. You'll notice that tip #5 for the best Orlando hotel recruitment is to work with a professional staffing agency, but before we get there, consider tips one through four to attract the candidates that fit your hotel perfectly.

Tip #1 - Craft A Clear Job Description

It's much easier to find a candidate that matches what you're looking for if you spend time developing a thorough job description. It's tempting to leave out or downplay some of the less attractive aspects of the job, but you don't want a new hire to be surprised by tasks that were not in the job description. Be honest and detailed in what the job requires so that candidates know exactly what to expect.

Items to include in your job description are:

Job Summary

For example, "Join our team as a Front Desk Clerk and play a pivotal role in administration and customer support. We are seeking an individual who is personable and highly motivated."

Working Hours

Specify whether the hours will be fixed or flexible.


Is this job a front desk job, a roving position, or a remote role?

Physical Requirements

Any necessary lifting should be listed on the job description.

Duties and Responsibilities

Include the primary tasks and a day-to-day synopsis.

Hard Skills

List any education or specific experience required for the job.

Soft Skills

These include skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Salary Range

Include the salary range or specify that salary will be discussed in the job interview.


Describe healthcare, paid time off, and continuing education opportunities.

Tip #2 - Complete Background ChecksOrlando hotel recruitment

If you are in a rush to make a hire, it can be tempting to skip this step. However, background checks are crucial to protecting your business in the hospitality industry. Your employees may have access to guests' personal and financial information and access to their personal property in the guestrooms. 

Knowing that your Orlando hotel recruitment candidates have passed a background screening gives you peace of mind that your hotel's guests and reputation are safe.

Tip #3 - Consider A Flexible Work Schedule

It can be challenging to attract candidates to an open position, so making it as attractive as possible is a tip to consider. After working remotely during the pandemic for a year or more, we have all gained working knowledge and respect for a flexible work schedule. You should include in the job description if your position has some flexibility.

Tip #4 - Perks!

Another way to make your position attractive is to list the job's perks. Do your employees get a discount on rooms, food, or other hotel amenities? Can they work out in the gym or use the pool after their shift? Anything that sets your job apart from an open position in the hotel across the street will help attract more interest.

Tip #5 - Work With A Professional Staffing Agency

The best tip we can offer for Orlando hotel recruitment is to work with a professional staffing agency like KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC. We have been placing qualified candidates in Central Florida positions since 2015 and are highly skilled in finding the right fit for the job. We have the expertise to find the perfect candidate for your position. Contact us today to get started.