Orlando Recruiting Agency: Your Solution for Finding Top Talent

Great employees are a huge asset to your company. Here’s how our Orlando recruiting agency discovers the best recruits for you.

According to a Glassdoor survey, around 76% of hiring managers list “attracting quality candidates” as their largest recruitment challenge. Many businesses struggle to create a streamlined and effective hiring process, which can result in a mismatch of a position’s requirements and an employee’s skill set—and this is something you want to avoid. On average, the cost of hiring and firing a wrong hire is around $15,000

If you’re looking to avoid these risks, consider an Orlando recruiting agency like KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC (KBI). We will identify your goals, advertise your listing, and pull from our pool of qualified candidates in order to set you up for success. Whether you have temporary or permanent staffing needs, entrust your hiring process to an agency that cares.

What is a Recruiting Agency?

A recruiting or staffing agency like KBI is a third-party group that assists with the locating and hiring of candidates for employment positions. We serve as a vital connection between a business and job seekers, and we’re very well-versed in the industries we are assisting with. 

Our tasks usually include:

  • Identifying a business’ overarching goals, the positions that need to be filled, and the qualifications that are desired.
  • Developing a job description that is in line with a business’ goals and includes important expectations and responsibilities.
  • Advertising the position using online job posting websites and social media, as well as drawing from a pool of qualified recruits.
  • Screening applications for details matching the job description.
  • Conducting all phases of interviews, contacting references, and running a background check on qualified interviewees.
  • Discussing the salary, benefits, and start date with a chosen applicant.
  • Sending an official offer letter and assisting with the onboarding process.

The Benefits of a Recruiting Agency

There are many benefits to enlisting the help of a staffing agency with your hiring process. Beyond the obvious time-saving perks, an Orlando recruiting agency has the expertise you need to find the professional recruits with the talents your business most needs.

A recruiting agency like KBI can:

  • Provide access to a larger pool of candidates for temporary and permanent positions.
  • Bring expertise to the hiring process to ensure you are equipped with competent employees in all the necessary roles.
  • If needed, offer training and support to prepare staff for their new position.
  • Create staffing solutions that can flex with your needs, from busy seasons to lulls and more.
  • Save you money on recruitment costs associated with advertising, screening, and onboarding.
  • Reduce risk and liability, as the agency assumes responsibility for the employees who are on assignment. 
  • And more.

Industry Specializations

At an Orlando recruiting agency like KBI, we provide recruits for a variety of industries

  • Admin Management
    • Receptionists
    • General office
    • Data entry operators
    • Records management
    • Telemarketing
    • Legal production
  • Hospitality
    • Hotel management
    • Event planning
    • Food operation
    • Front of house
  • Construction
    • Construction labor
    • Semi-skilled labor
    • Carpenter helpers
    • Drywall hangers, finishers, and framers
    • Form carpenters
    • Lead carpenters
    • Mason tenders
    • Forklift and Lull operators
    • Electricians’ helpers
    • Road buster
    • Concrete finisher
    • Trim carpenters

Partner with KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC

If you are ready to find the best talent for your business, our Central Florida agency is here for you. From locating temporary staff to recommending amazing full-time hires, KBI is ready to set your business up for success. 

We have the tools to connect companies with the best and most qualified recruits, and the strategies to ensure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible. Call us today to learn more.